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Are you losing your mind over losing your hair?

Is thinning hair causing you to worry?

Are you looking for medical solutions to combat hair loss?

You are definitely at the right place then. THLC Store is the latest offering from America’s Trichology experts – The Hair Loss Clinic. THLC Store was founded to synergistically bring together the encyclopedic medical knowledge of Dr Balvant Arora with hair growth/hair restoration health supplements to give you products that “actually” work! 

THLC Store has helped thousands of patients all over America to successfully combat the problem of significant hair loss. The Store’s scientific approach and emphasis on providing only high quality, safe products means – you not only squash the hair loss problem but also end up having thicker and softer hair!


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Dr Balvant Arora

Hair Loss Experts

Dr Balvant Arora

THLC Store is part of The Hair Loss Clinic family. The Hair Loss Clinic led by Dr Balvant Arora (Board-certified Plastic Surgeon with 2 decades of rich experience) is well-known for an innovative, holistic approach that delivers results to its patients. 

The same knowledge and expertise have been channeled into the creation of the THLC Store. The Store’s products are chosen by Dr Arora after a meticulous study of their chemical formulae, ingredients and the pharmaceutical brand which manufactures them. All of the products in the THLC Store are US-FDA Approved and even meet European standards.

Dr.Rajendra Singh Rajput

Hair Loss Experts

Dr. Rajendra Singh Rajput

M.S., M.Ch.

Dr. Rajendra Singh Rajput, fondly known as Dr. Rajesh Rajput or Dr. Raj, is a Plastic Surgeon from Mumbai, who moved to Virginia. He has dedicated himself to the Hair Restoration Practice for the past 30 years, with expertise in Micro FUE, FUT & Patented Research on Nutrition Therapy for Hair Growth. Dr. Rajesh Rajput is honored to be the first Indian to become a Fellow of the ISHRS, FISHRS-USA. He is an International Certified Trichologist. He is also a Tutor for the Trichology Course by IAT and a Tutor for FRCS, Basic Surgical Skills, Royal College of Surgeons, UK.

Dr. Rajesh Rajput is a pioneer & a patent holder of Cyclical Nutrition Therapy “Hair Fact” for hair growth, published by the ISHRS Forum in 2008 and translated into Chinese, Italian & Japanese.

Why THLC Store

Holistic Approach

THLC Store follows a holistic approach when treating hair loss. This approach begins with us understanding the severity of your hair loss, your daily diet and lifestyle. Based on these thorough evaluations and a chat with THLC’s Hair Experts, you will be recommended products that will work for your unique case. 

The holistic approach also involves suggesting changes to your diet and lifestyle so as to ensure that the results are not only stunning but also last a lifetime.

Why THLC Store

Wide Range of Offerings

Dr Balvant Arora’s extensive studies in how genetics, ethnicity and gender play a vital role in hair loss have led him to search for solutions that work for every ethnicity, gender and age group separately. 

Hence THLC Store offers the widest range of hair care products. The Store can help Caucasians, African-Americans, Asians and Latin Americans to fight hair loss effectively.  

The Store also respects choices such as all-natural products or products that are made only from certain ingredients. THLC Store offers a plethora of products that can fit perfectly with whatever your lifestyle choices are.

Why THLC Store

Easily Accessible

THLC Store has multiple locations across the USA (Alexandria, Virginia and Rockville Maryland). This makes us easily accessible even from different geographical locations. 

That’s not all. THLC Store is proud to be an e-commerce store that gives you the convenience to shop from anywhere in America.  The shipping charges are minimal and the customer service is the best one!

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